About me

Über Gregor

Gregor was born on 23 July 2002 in Deutschlandberg in Styria (AT). His enthusiasm for image composition was established in his early years. Everything started with photography. But he knew right away that there is more than just still frames motion picture, film. His first real contact with this subject was at the age of ten years in the Greith Haus.

He is expected to graduate HTBLVA Ortweinschule Graz, in the Film & MultimediaArt department, in 2021, where he has been involved in many projects. The radio play “schuldICH” has even received international awards. He has proven his skills in cinematography in various productions such as Mitternachtsblau, Kruzifix, Morgen mal Anders and also in Pressure. His cinematic works are not only limited to productions close to Ortweinschule, but he is also able to list various TV film productions and movies in his filmography.